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Awards & Prizes

The School and University have the following awards and prizes in place for students who have displayed outstanding results in the course of their MPH programme.


  1. Dean's Medal and Prize
  2. Occupational and Environmental Health Society Medal
  3. Richard Gillis Prize
  4. Tye Cho Yook Gold Medal
  5. NUSS Medal for Outstanding Achievement
  6. Lee Hin Peng Medal


  1. Dean’s List

This is an award to recognise students’ outstanding performance and will comprise the top 5 percent of MPH for the semester based on Semester Average Point (SAP) for Full-time students and Academic Year Average Point (AYAP) for Part-time students. It will be awarded twice per academic year, in Semester 1 to full-time students and in Semester 2 to both full-time and part-time students. This achievement will be reflected in the student’s final transcript.

Rules for award of the Dean's List:

  1. Full-time students reading a workload of at least 16 modular credits for the semester
  2. Part-time students reading a workload of at least 16 modular credits for the academic year and have been part-time students for the entire academic year
  3. This workload includes all GRADED modules read in the semester, excluding the following:
  • Modules with ‘EXE', ‘IP', ‘IC' or ‘W' grades;
  • Modules graded Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory or Completed Satisfactory/ Completed Unsatisfactory
  • Modules from other faculties/ schools/ institutes in NUS not recognised towards fulfilling the degree requirements

4.   A minimum SAP/AYSAP of 3.50 for the semester (for full-time students) and for the academic year (for part-time students) will be required for students to be on the Dean’s List.

Computation of Semester Average Point (SAP)/ Academic Year Average Point (AYAP)

SAP is computed from grades achieved within the semester under consideration.

AYAP is computed from grades achieved within the academic year under consideration.

Formula for computation of SAP / AYSAP : ∑(Grade Point* MCs)/∑ (MCs) 


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