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SSHSPH and NParks Embark on Study to Quantify Benefits of Green Spaces

21 May 2015

Greenery and parks have certainly contributed to Singapore's 'Garden City' image, but apart from beautifying our city state, just how do our green spaces benefit us? The National Parks Board (NParks) will be embarking on two studies to quantify the benefits of green spaces. 

One of these is a study on the benefits of physical activity in parks, which wil be led by Dr Falk Mueller-Riemenschneider from the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health. 

The study is currently in the stages conducting questionnaires and focus group discussions to identify strategies that will promote activities in parks and features they would like to see in these spaces which will encourage them to do so. 

Dr Mueller-Riemenschneider also explained that the study's aim is to show the benefits of combining exercise and a park setting. "Our objective is to investigate whether a park prescription, with or without a tailored exercise programme in the park can, on one hand, increase physical activity level and, on the other hand, increase general well-being," he said. 

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