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Greater emphasis on health at the workplace

18 Jan 2019

Traditionally, workplace wellbeing focused on occupational safety and health, because concerns about it arose during a time where most jobs were blue-collar and many workplaces were full of hazards.

However, workplaces have evolved and the greatest hazards for many are no longer hearing loss or accidents caused by machines, but the onset of chronic diseases such as diabetes or burnout-linked depression.

The increasingly sedentary nature of work demands we place greater emphasis on health promotion. Dean, Professor Teo Yik Ying, shares about the national programme on Total Workplace Safety and Health (Total WSH) that integrates existing accident prevention initiatives with health promotion and disease prevention. Total WSH goes beyond traditional occupational health and safety initiatives to include a significant component on health promotion, focusing on interventions such as workplace ergonomics, weight management, smoking cessation and vaccination.

The School is a strong advocate of Total WSH, educating on balanced dietary intake and providing influenza vaccinations for all staff. Staff are also incentivised to exercise during working hours in the form of credits that can be exchanged for time off work. Find out more about the School’s efforts in promoting Total WSH to its staff here.

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