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Adapting to an Ageing population

13 Mar 2017

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In the program Challenge Tomorrow: Adapting to Ageing, the host sets out to find out what it means to be an elderly person living in this current time and why ageing can be seen to be a problem for the society.  

An ageing population places a higher demand on healthcare and there is a need to increase the number of people in the intermediate and long term healthcare sector by 2020 to support the demand. Living in an era of smart machines plays an important role in an ageing society like ours, as they help to deliver care and improving the lives of seniors.

Associate Professor Gerald Koh hopes that tele-rehabilitation will be more ubiquitous and widely used in Singapore in 20 years’ time. He also mentioned that the use of tele-rehabilitation helps to increase the productivity and efficiency of healthcare workers and caregivers. Tele-rehabilitation is currently being tested out in Singapore. 


Media Coverage:

  • Challenge Tomorrow ,Channel News Asia, 12 March 2017


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