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Namesort ascending Title
YUE Mu Postdoctoral Fellow
YIP Wei Luen James Associate Professor
YI Siyan Senior Research Fellow
YI Huso Assistant Professor
YAP Peiling Adjunct Assistant Professor
YAP Chin Huat Jason Associate Professor
YAMADA Yoshiyuki Research Fellow
WONG Mee Lian Associate Professor
WEE Hwee Lin Assistant Professor
WANG Zhe Postdoctoral Fellow
WANG Yi Postdoctoral Fellow
WAGNER Norbert Associate Professor
VENKATARAMAN Kavita Assistant Professor
VAN DAM Rob Martinus Vice Dean; Professor
TOH Han Sim Matthias Paul Adjunct Assistant Professor
THIO Yauw Leng Bernard Adjunct Associate Professor
THILAGARATNAM Shyamala Adjunct Associate Professor
TEOH Yee Leong Adjunct Associate Professor
TEO Yik Ying Dean; Professor
TEO Guo Shou Research Fellow
TENG Woon Chien Cecilia Lecturer
TAN Xin Quan Kyle Adjunct Assistant Professor
TAN Say Beng Associate Professor
TAN Luor Shyuan Maudrene Adjunct Lecturer
TAN Lai Yong Senior Lecturer
TAN Kelvin Bryan Adjunct Associate Professor
TAN Chuen Seng Assistant Professor
TAM Clarence Assistant Professor
TAM Chen Hee Research Fellow
TAI E Shyong Professor
TAI Bee Choo Associate Professor
SUNDARAM Neisha Visiting Research Fellow
SUBRAMANIAM Mythily Adjunct Associate Professor
SNG Gek Khim Judy Senior Lecturer
SIM Xueling Assistant Professor
SHUM Jin-Wen Eugene Adjunct Associate Professor
SHIRAZ Farah Senior Research Fellow
SESSIONS October Michael Assistant Professor
SEOW Wei Jie Assistant Professor
SEOW Adeline Associate Professor
SEONG Peck Suet Lydia Adjunct Associate Professor
SEE Cheong Yan Brian Adjunct Assistant Professor
SAW Seang Mei Professor
SATKUNANANTHAM Kandiah Professor
s/o TIKAMDAS NEBHRAJ Sri Chander Associate Professor
ROELLIN Adrian Associate Professor
REBELLO Salome Antonette Lecturer
RAJARAMAN Natarajan Adjunct Lecturer
PREM Kiesha Postdoctoral Fellow
PETRUNOFF Nicholas Alexander Postdoctoral Fellow
PARK Su Hyun Research Fellow
PANG Junxiong Vincent Assistant Professor
OOI Peng Lim Steven Adjunct Associate Professor
OOI Eng Eong Professor
ONG Twee Hee Rick Assistant Professor
ONG Choon Nam Professor
OFFEDDU Vittoria Research Fellow
NGIAM Kee Yuan Assistant Professor
NG Wee Tong Adjunct Assistant Professor
NEELAKANTAN Nithya Postdoctoral Fellow
NARAYANASAMY Suganthi Instructor
NAIR Prem Kumar Adjunct Associate Professor
MüLLER Andre Matthias Postdoctoral Fellow
MUELLER-Riemenschneider Falk Associate Professor
MEDINA Marie-jo Postdoctoral Fellow
MA Stefan Adjunct Associate Professor
LUO Nan Associate Professor
LU Yonghai Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
LOW Yen Ling Adjunct Assistant Professor
LIU Eugene Associate Professor
LIOW Chee Hsiang Senior Lecturer
LING Mei Chuan Annie Adjunct Associate Professor
LIM Yee Wei Associate Professor
LIM Swee Ling Research Fellow
LIM Su Chi Research Associate Professor
LIM Poh Lian Adjunct Associate Professor
LIM John Wah Adjunct Assistant Professor
LIM Fung Yen Jeremy Adjunct Associate Professor
LIM Chien Wei John Professor
LIM Boon Tar Raymond Lecturer
LEO Yee Sin Adjunct Professor
LEGIDO-QUIGLEY Helena Associate Professor
LEE Vernon J Adjunct Associate Professor
LEE See Muah Adjunct Associate Professor
LEE Jeong Kyu Assistant Professor
LEE Jen-Mai Jeannette Vice Dean; Associate Professor
LEE Hock Siang Adjunct Associate Professor
LEE Hin Peng Emeritus Professor
LEE Heow Yong Adjunct Associate Professor
LEE Chien Earn Adjunct Professor
KOH Yang Huang Adjunct Associate Professor
KOH Woon Puay Professor
KOH Soo Quee David Professor
KOH Choon Huat Gerald Associate Professor
KEMBHAVI Gayatri Senior Research Fellow
KAPOOR Ritika Postdoctoral Fellow
JIN Lawrence Research Assistant Professor
HWANG Yi-Fu Jeff Lecturer
HSU Li Yang Associate Professor
HIBBERD Martin Lloyd Professor
HENG Mok Kwee Derrick Adjunct Professor
HARTMAN Mikael Associate Professor
GOH Kee Tai Adjunct Professor
GOETTE Lorenz Fabian Professor
GIBBONS Brent Joseph Senior Research Fellow
GAN Wee Hoe Adjunct Assistant Professor
FOONG Pin Sym Postdoctoral Fellow
FONG Ngan Phoon Adjunct Associate Professor
FINKELSTEIN Eric Andrew Professor
FENG Mengling Assistant Professor
EVDOKIMOV Konstantin Research Fellow
DICKENS Borame Sue Lee Research Fellow
CUTTER Jeffery Lawrence Adjunct Associate Professor
COOK Alex R Vice Dean; Associate Professor
CHUA Swee Boon Raymond Adjunct Assistant Professor
CHOY Kwok Yin Kenneth David Adjunct Assistant Professor
CHOW Angela Adjunct Associate Professor
CHONG Siow Ann Adjunct Professor
CHONG Foong-Fong Mary Assistant Professor
CHOI Hyungwon Associate Professor
CHIU Ka Ho Jimmy Research Fellow
CHIN Chee Wei Winston Adjunct Assistant Professor
CHIA Sin Eng Associate Professor
CHIA Ngee Choon Associate Professor
CHIA Kee Seng Professor
CHEW Suok Kai Adjunct Associate Professor
CHEW Ling Adjunct Associate Professor
CHEN I-Cheng Mark Assistant Professor
CHEN Huijun Cynthia Assistant Professor
CHEAH Peh Yean Adjunct Associate Professor
CHAN Kum Wah Roy Adjunct Professor
CHAN Chung Tsing Gregory Adjunct Assistant Professor
AZFAR Julian Instructor
ASANO Miho Assistant Professor


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