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LEE Tayu, John


  • Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health

Research Areas:

  • Health Economics
  • Health Policy and Health System

Teaching Areas:

  • Public Health Economics; Programme Evaluation
  • Health Service Research; Public Health in Action

Academic/Professional Qualifications:

  • PhD in Economics (2012), Centre for Health Economics, University of York
  • MSc in Economics (2006). Department of Economics, University of Edinburgh

Awards/Honours (Post-PhD):

  • Alan Williams Fellowship, Centre for Health Economics, University of York

Career History:

  • Postdoctoral Researcher. Department of Primary Care and Public Health, Imperial College London (2012-2015)
  • Research Assistant. Department of Primary Care and Public Health, Imperial College London (2009-2012)

Professional/Consulting Activities:

  • External affiliated Researcher at Health Econometrics and Data Group (HEDG), Centre for Health Economics, University of York

Selected Publications:

  1. Lee JT, KD Lawson, Y Wan, A Majeed, S Morris, M Soljak, C Millett. Are cardiovascular disease risk assessment and management programmes cost effective? A systematic review of the evidence. Preventive Medicine (2017)
  2. T Hone, Lee JT, A Majeed, L Conteh, C Millett. Does charging different user fees for primary and secondary care affect first-contacts with primary healthcare? A systematic review. Health Policy and Planning (2017)
  3. Palladino R., Lee JT., Hone T., Filippidis FT., Millett C., The great recession and increased cost sharing in European health systems. Health Affairs (2016)
  4. Palladino R., Lee JT., Ashworth M., Triassi M., Millett C., Associations between multimorbidity, health care utilisation, and health status: evidence from 16 European countries. Age and Ageing.  (2016)
  5. Chang K., Lee JT., Soijak M., Vamos E., Kamlesh K., Desmond J., Majeed A., Millett C., Impact of NHS Health Check on cardiovascular disease risk: difference-in-differences matching analysis. Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ). (2016)
  6. Nazar G., Lee JT., Arora M., Pearce N., Millett C., Socioeconomic Inequalities in Secondhand Smoke Exposure at Home and at Work in Fifteen Low- and Middle-Income Countries. Nicotine and Tobacco Research, (2016)
  7. Lee JT., Huang N., Majeed A., The need for better linkage between administrative data and clinical datasets. BMJ. (2015)
  8. Lee JT., Hamid F., Pati S., Atun R., Millett C., The impact of multi-morbidity on utilisation and out-of-pocket spending in middle income countries: analysis of the WHO SAGE study. PLoS One (2015). 
  9. Chang K., Soljak M., Lee JT., Woringer M., Johnston D., Khunti K., Majeed A., Millett C., Coverage of a national cardiovascular risk assessment and management programme (NHS Health Check): retrospective database study. Preventive Medicine (2015).
  10. Been J., Millett C., Lee JT., Schayck C., Sheikh A., Smoke-freelegislation and childhood hospitalisations for respiratory tract infection in England. European Respiratory Journal (2015). 
  11. Jawad M., Lee JT., Millett C., Waterpipe tobacco smoking prevalence and correlated in 25 Eastern Mediterranean and Eastern European countries: cross-sectional analysis of Global Youth Tobacco Survey. Nicotine and Tobacco Research (2015)
  12. Lee JT, Huang Z., Basu S., Millett C., The inverse equity hypothesis: does it apply to coverage of cancer screening in middle income countries. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. (2015)
  13. Nazar G., Lee JT., Glantz SA. Millett C., Smokefree legislation at workplace and second hand exposure: a cross sectional analysis of the WHO GATS survey. Preventive Medicine. (2014)
  14. Lee JT., Agrawal S., Basu S., Glantz SA., Millett. Association between smoke-free workplace and second-hand smoke exposure at home in India. Tobacco Control. (2014)
  15. Millett C., Lee JT., Laverty A., Glantz SA., Majeed A. Hospital Admissions for childhood asthma after smoke-free legislation in England. Pediatrics. (2013) 
  16. Lee JT., Majeed A., Millett C. User fees in universal health systems. Lancet. (2012)
  17. Alshamsan R., Lee JT, Majeed A., Netuveli G., Millett C., Pay for performance programs and ethnic disparities in diabetes care over time: interrupted time series analysis. Annals of Family Medicine. (2012)
  18. Lee JT., Netuveli G., Majeed A., Millett C., The effects of pay for performance on disparities in stroke, hypertension, and coronary heart disease management: interrupted time series study. PLoS One. (2011)
  19. Lee JT, Glantz SA, Millett C, Effect of Smoke-Free Legislation on Adult Smoking Behaviour in England in the 18 Months following Implementation. PLoS One. (2011)
  20. Millett C, Lee JT, Gibbons DC, Glantz SA. Increasing the age for the legal purchase of tobacco in England: impacts on socio-economic disparities in youth smoking. Thorax. (2011) 


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Assistant Professor
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