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CHEAH Peh Yean


  • NUS Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health (Adjunct)
  • Senior Scientist and Co-Director at the Colorectal Cancer Research Laboratory, Department of Colorectal Surgery, Singapore General Hospital (Primary)

Research areas:

  • Molecular Epidemiology
  • Colorectal Cancer Genomics and Pathology

Teaching Areas:

  • Post-doc. Fellow/Ph.D./Duke-NUS third year Medical /Polytechnic students

Academic/Professional Qualifications:

  • Ph.D. (Genetics), University of Arizona.

Awards/Honours (Post-PhD):

  • Singapore General Hospital 20 years Long Service Award 2016
  • SingHealth/Dukes-NUS Scientific Congress 2010 – Allied Health Scientist Award.
  • MOH-SingHealth Critical Talent Special Recognition Award (CTSRA) 2011

Professional/Consulting Activities:

  • Grant reviewer and adjudicator for National Medical Research Council (NMRC), MOE AcRF, Academic Medicine/SingHealth Foundation, National Cancer Center Singapore and Singapore Cancer Society Grant exercises
  • Academic editor for international peer-reviewed journal
  • Peer reviewer for international journals
  • Invited speaker for international cancer/genetics conference; invited reviewer and commentary writer
  • Ph.D. thesis examiner
  • Judge - Science Research Program, Singapore General Hospital Annual Scientific Meeting, Singapore Science & Engineering Fair (SSEF)
  • Speaker for public talk on cancer awareness

Selected Publications (recent):

  • Hong Y, Liew SC, Thean LF, Tang CL, Cheah PY. Human colorectal cancer initiation is bidirectional, and cell growth, metabolic genes and transporter genes are early drivers of tumorigenesis. Cancer Lett 2018 431 213-8.
  • Thean LF, Low YS, Lo M, Teo YY, Koh WP, Yuan JM, Chew MH, Tang CL, Cheah PY. Genome-wide association study identified copy number variants associated with sporadic colorectal cancer risk. J Med Genet 2018, 55, 181-8.
  • Low YS, Blöcker C, McPherson JR..., Tan P, Tan BI, Rozen SG, Cheah PY. A formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE)-based prognostic signature to predict metastasis in clinically low risk stage I/II microsatellite stable colorectal cancer. Cancer Lett 2017, 403, 13-20.
  • Cheah PY, Lo M, Tang CL. GREM1 Defect Unlikely to be Disease Causing and Hence Not Useful for Screening and Surveillance in Singapore Mixed Polyposis Families. Gastroenterology 2017, 153, 1692. 
  • Thean LF, Wong Y, Lo M, Loi C, Chew MH, Tang CL, Cheah PY. Chromosome 19q13 disruption alters expressions of CYP2A7, MIA and MIA-RAB4B lncRNA and contributes to FAP-like phenotype in APC mutation-negative familial colorectal cancer patients. PLoS One 2017, 12, e0173772.
  • Zhang B, Jia W, Matsuo K,...Cheah PY...Zheng W. Genome-wide association study identifies a new SMAD7 risk variant associated with colorectal cancer risk in East Asians. Int. J Cancer, 2014, 135, 948-55. Jan 21 doi: 10.1002/ijc.28733.
  • Cheah PY, Wong YH, Koh PK, Loi C, Chew MH, Tang CL. A novel indel in exon 9 of APC up-regulates a 'skip exon 9' isoform and causes very severe familial adenomatous polyposis. Eur J Hum Genet, 2014, 22, 833–836.
  • Cheah PY, Lim KH, Koh PK, Tang CL. The classification of intestinal polyposis. Nat Genet, 2013, 45, 2.

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Adjunct Associate Professor
Email cheah.peh.yean@sgh.com.sg


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